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$45 Half

$65 Full





Massage ~

European Facial 


Reflexology Massage 

Deep Tissue Massage 

Maternity Massage 

Healing Stone 

Skin Care 

Bilberry Facial 


Gentleman's Facial 

Teen Facial (ages 12-17)

$40 Half

$60 Full



Wellness  Therapy ~

Cancer Massage                         $85

           1  hour  massage  emphasizing in relaxation and   stress  relief  before, during and after  cancer care. The intervention such as massage  by power  of the hands  help the many changes  that come with cancer.    Helping  the  body, mind  and spirit.

Post Therapy Massage           $85

             1 hour   gentle, soothing  combination  of  stretching  and  tissue  release.    Excellent for  post  surgery and physical  therapy completion of care.   Helps  to  heal. 

Board Certified Massage Therapist 

Barbara Gentile Morici,